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Camera Ready Art Camera Ready Art
Terms of Use
Camera Ready Art
Buyer-Seller Sales Term Agreement
The purchaser of digitally prepared Art files through the Internet site agrees that CRA's standard payment terms are due at the time of the requested services. Open account clients through FTP services standard payment terms are net ten (10) days from the date of the file transfer/ delivery. All invoices are considered past due after such date.
All credit card transactions are charged in USD. We will soon get the payment transactions in GBP.
No other credit terms or condition of purchase orders super cede or, amend from, the terms of this Buyer-Seller agreement unless mutually agreed on in writing by both parties.
If any invoices are not paid within the term period, the purchaser agrees to pay all unpaid past due invoice balances WITH INTEREST. The ANNUAL RATE OF INTEREST IS NOT, TO EXCEED 1 1/2% PER MONTH (18% PER ANNUM) OR THE HIGHEST RATE PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, WHICHEVER IS LESS.
The purchaser agrees to pay a service charge of £ 15.00 for each payment transaction that is returned or charged backed to CameraReadyArt.
Any invoice not paid on demand, the purchaser agrees to pay all reasonable attorneys fees, court costs or any other collection expense and further agrees that California law will govern any dispute, without resort to the conflict of law principles of such state.
All claims or adjustments from invoiced amounts must accompany invoice payment and be detailed in writing. CameraReadyArt will not allow any claims for deductions more than fifteen (15) days after the date of the file delivery.
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